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I don't believe you need too many reasons to invest in an Italian escape -  simply a glass of wine overlooking an Italian landscape it's enough for me - but in case you need a little extra convincing I'm going to share some of my personal reasons why right now it's a great time to make the jump. Below are my top 10 reasons to purchase an Italian Property. For monthly property reviews and insider info, subscribe to my newsletter - Hidden Gems of Italy - for a delivery straight to your inbox! 



The prices are the lowest they have been in the last 15-20 years. You can find incredible deals at very affordable prices. ​


Italy is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world - you can find the best food, best monuments, best museums, art, culture and history. There’s a reason why people want to come here - why not live there!​


You can rent out your home and earn an income. There are no restrictions for foreigners on this in Italy.​


Outstanding properties continue to come onto the market, as Italians realize that holding on to family properties while rarely using them makes no financial sense. Moreover, because it’s a buyer’s market, many homeowners are open to negotiations that could be very beneficial for you.​


If you would like to stay longer than 3 months each trip, you could apply for the long term visa, and you don't need to work in Italy and residency in Italy is not required to own a home, or for dual citizenship, if you have an Italian ancestor. This way, you can cut some costs and taxes, and can stay as long as you prefer without restriction. ​


After five years of ownership, there’s no capital gains tax on a property. In practice, this means that if you keep your property for five years, you could see its resale value increase by 20%.​


You can easily visit all of Italy and Europe by train, car, and low cost flights, with extremely short travel times. ​


Retirement Opportunities: If you’re an American retiring in Italy, the government will offer you incentives for you to move there. ​


If you or your children are looking to study in Italy, their education system won’t let you down. Italy is home to some of the most prestigious universities worldwide, and yet surprisingly their tuition fees make for some of the most affordable – costing just €1,500 a year in tuition fees on average. With the University of Bologna and Polytechnic University of Milan ranking in the top 200 worldwide and offering a large number of their courses in English – if you’re ever looking to study engineering, arts or sciences, moving there to study can be the perfect opportunity you’ve been waiting for to allow you to live in Italy. In fact, Bologna is the home of the oldest continually operating university in the Western world, founded in 1088, it can claim to rival Oxford and Cambridge in the UK.​


Quality Of Life - Italy offers the healthiest and the greatest lifestyle with its walkability, healthy food, and it’s slower paced approach. ​

There are plenty of other reasons why you should invest in Italy, to find out more subscribe to my newsletter or if you are interested in investing and want to have a free consultation contact me at

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