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About Daniele

Inspiring Others to Pursue the Italian Lifestyle

Daniele has his origins not in real estate, but in Italian cooking and Italian fashion. At the age of nineteen he moved from his small hometown in Italy to London, where he obtained a chef degree, and then went on to work in the high fashion industry as both a stylist and model. He always dreamed to return to Italy and build his life there. But, after meeting Kate, an American artist, they moved to the USA to get married, and pursue their careers, spending time both in Italy and the states. Daniele realized that he could help people encounter the love of his country in a whole new way, bringing his unique perspective and approach to home-buying, and subsequently, the start of a thoughtful lifestyle. 

His experience navigating different cultures and languages, as well as his experience in real estate procedures in both countries allow him to help adventure-seekers and cultural enthusiasts go through the process of purchasing a home with ease, excitement, and without confusion.

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