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Daniele Antoniella

Have you been dreaming of living la dolce vita, sipping a glass of Chianti from your very own terrazzo? Let's make it happen.


Purchasing a property in Italy is not as difficult (or expensive) as many people think, as long as you have the right tools, guidance, and expectations.  Whether you're looking for a retirement retreat, a working vineyard, or simply a small quiet apartment, I will walk you through it all, step by step. 

Italy is a place that has so much to offer in its lifestyle, aesthetics, history, and even commercial possibilities. Coming to the buying process with a clear goal, a knowledgeable advocate, and plenty of excitement will be the winning combination in making your Italian dream a reality. 

Find out more about how I work and my process below, or give me a call or email to learn more. 







My goal is to make buying a home in Italy a reality for those who have always loved my country, and dreamed of making it a bigger part of their lives.


I am native-born Italian from a small town near Rome, living in the USA since 2017. I am a licensed real estate agent in both Connecticut and Massachusetts, and while I loved selling homes in the states, I am more passionate about connecting people to my home country, through its culture, food, and to its homes. 

My professional experience in real estate transactions combined with my understanding of the Italian systems and processes, and the differences between the two, allow me to help you walk through your home purchase with as little stress as possible, from beginning to end.

The Italian lifestyle is sought after by many around the world, and is often held up as the ideal for health, with its small-town farms, walkable cities, and delicious views. Now, more than ever, the Italian dream is within reach for non-citizens to enjoy, for more than a brief tour or vacation. 


I will walk with you step-by-step through not only helping you find your dream property, whether a small vacation flat in Florence, or an investment property in Tuscany, but through the process from beginning to end, connecting you to the right people, providing guidance and insight on the Italian systems, and will walk through everything with you from the home search to close, and even beyond. 

• Recommendations on Desired Area & Property Use

• Connecting You to Trustworthy Italian Real Estate Agencies, Notaries, Lawyers

• Facilitating Communication/Translation With Agencies and Other Parties

• Contract Negotiation and Facilitation

• Guided Property Tours to Italy

It is important to note, I am not a real estate agent in Italy, but will be helping you build connections with all the right people. I will help facilitate the process from purchase, translation, property tours, to home improvement and renovation, and management of the property when you aren't there. In Italy, there are no "buyers agents", but as your consultant I will in essence be acting as your advocate throughout the buying process and beyond, so you feel secure, confident, and empowered to step into la dolce vita. 




Receive curated monthly Italian properties from around Italy, as well as tips and tricks on making the most of an Italian lifestyle. 

Thank you!




Some of the most amazing and inspiring spots in Italy are found on the roads less traveled. Daniele can help you find the hidden gems, tucked away off the beaten path, away from the crowds, yet with all the conveniences expected in an Italian getaway. Small town streets, quiet olive groves, crystal clear lakes - all are waiting for your arrival. Chat with Daniele about some of the most idyllic locations for a quiet countryside retreat.



Step out from a small rustic apartment on a cobblestone street, enjoy a quick espresso at the local cafe, chat with the old men playing cards, and take a stroll through the ancient streets of a classic Italian hilltop town. Scattered across Italy, these towns and cities haven't changed much in hundreds of years, and welcome you to become part of their continuing story. 



The most iconic and historic city centers are known as such for good reason. Explore the past while stepping into its present, with a flat in a major hub like Rome, Milan, Venice, or Florence. Highly visited by foreigners and locals alike, these cities are full of life, whether you're looking for business opportunity, cultural/gastronomical experiences, or community. Despite the faster pace, these Italian cities still retain the elements of the lifestyle that are so appealing to the modern person. 

  • Is it more expensive to buy a house in Italy?
    Short answer: No Long answer: It depends on what you buy, like anywhere. The prices in Italy are actually lower than most desirable locations in the USA (which is where most of my clients are from), and what you can get for your money is usually better. However, this depends on the location, and what you are looking for. Additionally, there are often other expenses in Italy that are sometimes higher than other countries, like taxes, and notary fees. But what you save on the property usually balances this out.
  • Can I get a mortgage in Italy if I am not a resident?
    Technically yes, depending on which bank you go to. Some small local banks won't really know how to process a foreign application or have those processes in place. Larger, international banks might have that option. But it is often a long, tiring process. I am happy to help facilitate this process, but it will be a separate from the home-buying process. Often it will take longer than the entire home buying itself. It is better to buy cash if possible.
  • Do I have to be an Italian resident to buy a home in Italy?
    No. Anyone can buy a home in Italy. How long you are able to stay per trip will depend on your visa. Most visas allow for 90 day stays. However, there are increasing exceptions for certain groups, like those who wish to retire, and digital nomads (those who work remotely).
  • Is buying a house in Italy generally the same process as in the USA?
    Yes and no. The principles are the same, but the execution is wildly different. Expectations on how the process will go must be set aside, from timeline, to procedures. These things will vary from agency to agency, region to region, and town to town. There are far fewer checks and balances (that are adhered to anyway), to protect buyers in the process. The system favors the sellers, unlike in the US. This is why having someone on your side, who is Italian, is essential. There are no buyers agents in italy, only sellers agents. So whatever house you want, you have to use the agent who is selling that house. Often there will be one or more agencies representing a single particular home, so you will have some option. But some homes have exclusive agents, and so you have no choice but to work with that agency in the process.
  • I've browsed online, but have found prices extremely high and not much good inventory. What do I do?
    Often, some of the best properties are found by walking the streets of the area you like, and talking to local shop owners or asking around about places for sale. One short story to demonstrate: recently we were in Italy in a small castle town for business, and on our way to our meeting noticed an adorable house with a 'for sale' sign in the window, with a telephone number underneath. We took a photo of the sign, and went to our unrelated meeting with the manager of the castle. After the meeting had ended, we asked the manager what he might know about the house. And it turned out it was HIS house, that he was selling himself for an extraordinarily low price. In addition, he was a contractor, and could provide all the necessary details needed to renovate the property. This was not online anywhere, and could only be found by knowing the area. This is an advantage I bring, and while on a property hunt for you, will search out these 'hidden gems' that are not to be found online.
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